Feb 04 2012

Show your car some love….

Category: CarPhil @ 12:45 pm

My neighbor Hugh Murray has a great side business, a car detailing service.  I have never had my car detailed before, but  since I did not spend the money my parents gave me for Christmas, I said why not! ! I have no problem keeping my car clean, I wash it all the time. The thing is, I hate waxing cars. I don’t know why, I just find it a painful process and don’t remember being happy with the results.  Hugh happened to be out washing his daughter’s car a couple weeks ago, so I stopped by to find out about his business. He does the whole  detailing process, but is very flexible on what you can have done; I just wanted my car waxed!

Hugh, is a pretty cool guy; he has stopped by a couple of times when I was out working on my car.  He recommended a product to help me keep my rims clean… The rims on my car are a serious pain in the behind. They get dirty so fast; the brake dust clings to the rims and makes them look terrible. He let me try the product that he uses, Meguire’s Wheel Brightener.  The product is very easy to use, just spray it on and rinse it off.  It worked so well, I decided to buy a gallon from him; it should last me quite a while!

Hugh was able to fit me into his schedule last Saturday and I could not be happier with the results.  As you can see from the picture below, he come to you with everything that he needs. His van has a generator in the back, which he uses to power all of his tools. I was really impressed with his process, which is probably why his work looks so much better than mine! First, he starts with a Clay Bar Treatment, which removes all of the contaminates from the paint surface and provides the foundation for an awesome finish. He and his buddy used a couple of heavy duty orbital polishers to apply the wax and then used some buffers to bring out the shine. They cleaned inside the trunk and door jams, and polished all of the emblems; they even cleaned my windows, inside and out (which I also hate doing too!)   The car looks just like new, not to bad considering it is almost four years old. I would post a picture, but I don’t think they would do it justice!

Yes, I could have waxed my own car, but would have never achieved the results that Hugh delivered.  I assume that most people don’t bother waxing their cars; from the looks of a many cars on the road, I don’t think they bother washing them either! So, if you what to show your car some love and give it a nice coat of wax in preparation for Spring, I highly recommend giving Hugh a call. He is a nice guy and really enjoys what he does; what more can you ask for! Also, if you happen to have a motorcycle, his buddy has a motorcycle washing service, you might want to throw him some business too!  I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

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