Dec 05 2008

So long Webalizer…

Category: UbuntuPhil @ 10:13 pm

I have been running Webalizer to perform my web server log analysis since I setup my new Ubuntu box. It was very easy to setup, but seemed pretty basic and I wanted something a little more interesting.  AWStats looked much nicer, so I decided to give it a spin. Unfortunately, my first few attempts at configuring it failed. I followed several different write-ups from the net, but none of them worked. Tonight, I found some amazingly simple directions, which actually worked. I don’t know if it is a better tool, but it looks way cooler.  AWStats has a ton of little icons for different browsers, operating systems, countries, etc… which makes the presentation look a whole lot better. Nothing too interesting in the logs thus far, other no OSX or Safari hits… My Steve Jobs blocking software must be working well!

If you are planning to install a log analyzer, I would definitely give AWStats a try, it turned out to be pretty easy to setup and looks great. Now, I just have to work on my tomcat logs, apparently AWStats can be used for tomcat logs as well, I’m sure that will be another interesting exercise!